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  • Conjoinix, a sister concern of the Himachal Wire Group of Companies. Founded 2003,ISP Licensee issued by Deptt of Telecom (Govt of India) for Chandigarh & Jammu SSA It is ISO 9001 : 2008 certified Company.
  • Available to All
  • Available For All i.e. (Separate Login For: Admin, Teacher, Parents).
  • Software Features
  • Student and Staff Demographics with ability to create unlimited custom categories and fields.


  • StuGuard is Student Information & Protection System - Established to manage student data. With this system, our school leaders can easily access and manage real-time information to help personalize instruction. StuGuard may handle course management, scheduling, personnel records, grades/comments, room/resource management and more.
  • StuGuard help schools, manage various operations including student data, administrative data.
  • Allows for the quick and accessible flow of information.
  • Manage daily school needs, teachers and administrators can save time and have immediate access to a variety of student data.
  • Allows parents a quick and easy way to communicate with their children‘s teachers or the school administration.
  • Parents are more involved when they receive up-to-date information about the school events, grades, school attendance, homeworks etc. Teachers receive automated grade-books, reports, links to parent info, etc.
  • Database : MYSQL
  • Records all information of a student from enrolment through graduation.
  • A student’s past information is available at a click of a mouse.
  • Many trade schools and higher educations have successfully implemented StuGuard to support their business processes.
  • Android Application both for parents and teachers with all necessary features available on google play store.
  • Students GPS Time Tracking is also available for school as well as for parents.
  • Free unlimited messages in the form of push message is also available.
  • Integrated IVR (Interactive Voice Response) service is available on occasions like (New year wishes, results, announcements, student birthday wishes & Fee’s related administrative queries) to parents.
  • Parent-parent interaction and parent-teacher interaction by XSCN (XSCloudNotifier-using push notification) is also available on demand.
  • Time table management solutions is also available as a service.


Existing School Management System uses 'File Based System'
  • Time consuming.
  • Increased work load.
  • Wastage of time while creating schedule for students and teachers (Time Table Creations).
  • Prone to errors.
  • Duplication of data.
  • Isolation of data.
  • File difficult to change and maintain.
  • Provides less security.
  • Lake of communication between School, Teacher & Parents.
  • Busy schedule of school.
  • Bugdet Problems.
  • Complexity in updation.
mobile view
  • A web-based system which fully automate the school records.
  • To resolve the problem of scheduling staff and students stuguard offers a simple and easy way to create schedule automatically.
  • Updation is done easily.
  • Less time consuming.
  • Change in one field is reflected in all related fields.
  • Data Consistency.
  • To remove communication gap between School, Parent & Teacher stuguard offers you unlimited messages via XSCN. Group chat also available for PTA related problems.
  • To resolve the problem of busy sechdule of school (staff, admin & management) stuguard offres XSTEL IVR Solutions integrated with Stuguard.
  • To resolve budget related problems Stuguard offers communications and data management at very low cost.
  • Android Mobile Apps: Access student data, contacts, pictures, report cards, scheduling and discipline on Android mobile devices.
  • For All Data Needs Only One system
  • Special education system to use one system for all your data needs (gradebook, parent portal, attendance, report cards, discipline, etc.). Imagine the freedom (and data integrity)


StuGuard is packed with features that are easy to use. Right-click technology makes it simple to perform any task. Student data flows seamlessly between all modules, meaning that your staff needs to enter information only once. Updation is done easily. Less time consuming. Data Consistency. Stuguard offers communications and data management at very low cost. Stuguard offers you unlimited messages via XSCN. Group chat also available for PTA related problems. Change in one field is reflected in all related fields. Stuguard offers a simple and easy way to create schedule automatically. A web-based system which fully automate the school records.


Student and Staff Demographics- with ability to create unlimited custom categories and fields. Single student, group of students, requests and automated scheduling. Students see real time data posted by teacher, including grades, assignments, attendance. Capture unlimited contacts for students. Online teacher gradebook that feeds into the student and parent portal. Capture student’s immunization and allergies and any special medical conditions including nurse visits. Aasy to use attendance features for teachers that admins can override. Role based calendar that lets you enter schools days and holidays and events and can be targeted to a specific audience or a school. Track goals and progresses for students with special needs or attention.


Information about Institute events and holidays. Updates on child’s attendance, progress report. Parent-to-parent and parent-to-teacher interaction is also available through this app. Regular and prompt availability of Institute updates through messaging system. Parents have access to : Quick and accessible flow of information Students Attendance Students Assignments Students grades Parents get all the comments that are given by his/her teacher on child’s assignments.


Attendance can be taken day wise or period wise. We can easily check attendance by Our attendance Reports. Teachers can give Homework or Assignments to students and teachers can add grades to the students grade books according to their performance. And finally by tallying all the grades grade report is created dynamically on some clicks. We can print calendar events of a particular Session


StuGuard is Integrated With XSCN-

It provides the feature of getting Alert messages, Promotional messages to the user. It has the feature of instant messaging, that uses the internet for communication. User can create his profile and upload his pic as profile pic which is visible to other users. User can communicate with other user firstly by sending request and when it is successfully accepted by other user, they can communicate with each other. It uses the same internet plan that user uses for email and web browsing there is no cost to message and stay in touch with other users.It has an option to search friends by name and all the active users with that name are visible in list form.User can click on any one of them and send him a request to become his friend.User can view all the recieved requests and pending requests.If user wants to view old conversation he can view on single click of button.It has an option to view all the Alert messages, Promotional messages and Admin messages on a single click.It also provides the feature to block the Friend.If user doesn’t wants any alerts or promotional messages then he can block particular vender.User can view all the blocked friends and blocked venders list and can unblock them in future.User can forward same message to multiple users.It also shows the friend’s online status and his lastseen time. It has a feature to refresh each screen to get the recent updates. To get the Alert and Promotional messages user can buy recharge packs from this app.All the recharge packs with full details are available and user can choose any one of them.It also provides the user’s account information with details like:
a) Recharge pack name.
b) How many messages he gained?
c) How many messages are left?
d) Date when last time he rechared his account?
Future Possibilities:
The new version of XSCN will boasts several new features like:
1. User can send much more than just text like pictures,audio and video files.
2. Will able to view other users profiles.
3. Will able to view his friends current location on Map.
4. Will able to make call and video chat with high quality.

StuGuard is Integrated With XSSecure-

Application supports different languages (English, Hindi, Punjabi). Track asset on Google map. View map in four different map types (Normal, Hybrid, Satellite, Terrain). You can view the traffic or your own location on the map. Live tracking of your asset from the current point to destination as you navigate. Route Play Back draws the entire route of the asset on the map between start and end time as entered by the user. Know the current status of all the asset for which you have registered from your account. View the list of all the assets group wise. Route of the asset being tracked can be viewed in a report form providing information such as device name, speed, milage, battery etc. Duration for which the asset stopped between its source and destination can also be viewed in the report form. Full support and help module inside app for basic configuration.24*7*365 Support available.
Upcoming Features:

  • Alerts on the basis of speed.
  • Alerts for particular fence(Geofence).
  • Alerts for Stoppage.
  • Alerts for battery levels.
  • Alerts for Fuel Level.
  • Alerts for Milage Covered.
  • Audio Streaming of Assets.
  • Assets Camera Streaming.
Access to Stop Assets at any Time from Phone(Prevent Movement). and many More. TAGS: Tracking , Vehicle, Mobile, Truck, School Bus, GPS, Satellite, Personal, Property, Track me, Taxi,Bike,car

Why should you use Stuguard?

  • Web Based System

    A web-based system which fully automate the school records.

  • Easy to use

    Access student data, contacts, pictures, report cards and scheduling vry easily.

  • Flaxible

    The flexible, modular design allows administrators to build customized system.

  • Record all Information

    Provide information about past, present records of students for different years.

  • Data Consistency

    Data consistency means data values are same for all instances of an application.

  • Remove Communication Gap

    Remove communication gap between School, Parent & Teachers.

Features of Stuguard

  • Student Demographic

    The Software enables the tracking of numerous student demographic attributes in a permanent record and across enrollments.

  • Contact Information

    The Software enables to easily add contact information for parents, relatives, bus stops and authorized individuals.

  • Scheduling

    The Software scheduler that allows you to easily input student requests and mass schedule students.

  • Attendance

    By period, by day, with comments and all accomplished with a only a few clicks. Customize attendance codes to meet your specific needs.

  • Gradebook

    The built in grade book allows teachers to enter homework, class tests and any other activity using weighted scales if desired.

  • Report Cards

    Easily input final grades, create student report cards and calculate GPA's and class rankings.

  • Health Records

    Nurses visits, immunizations, physician contact information, allergies and more are all a part of our health records.

  • Security

    The primary responsibility is to ensure a safe and secure environment for students, staff and visitors.

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This service is available if you need help with a particular functional or technical issue, or if you're in need of best practice assistance about a particular 'Student Information & Protection System' capability.

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