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I’m talking about such an exciting game as kraps.

You can find here guides for this game, complete training from scratch, and much more.

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Craps Rules – How to Play Popular Dice Game Playing craps is not just grab dice, give them a blow for luck and roll it to the table. Although this game is very popular at Australian casinos, many players refuse to play it because they find craps rules too complex. In fact, you will spend no more […]

Сraps game online: benefits for players and top casinos to play in

Why to play craps game in online casinos? Game craps is incredibly popular in land-based casinos. It attracts lots of gamblers cause it offers quick wins and interesting game setting. Round after round players become more and more engaged. Still, you can have as much fun and winning opportunities when playing the game online. There won’t be gaming attendant and […]