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Craps Rules – Take Only 5 Minutes to Understand the Game Basics

Craps Rules – How to Play Popular Dice Game

Playing craps is not just grab dice, give them a blow for luck and roll it to the table. Although this game is very popular at Australian casinos, many players refuse to play it because they find craps rules too complex. In fact, you will spend no more than 5 minutes to master the basics of the game. The only difficulty with craps is that this game offers a wide selection of bets. However, you do not need to use all these bets to be a winning player. So, even if you are an experienced gambler, it will not be superfluous to dive into craps rules once again to improve your gaming skills.

Basic Rules – Craps Game

Any roll of dice gives you a lot of number combinations in which you can wager. A huge selection of bets is what can baffle you when you see a craps table. However, you do not need to study them all to start a game for real money – you can limit yourself to “Pass Line” and “Don’t Pass” bets at least. As for the goal of the game, you will essentially bet on roll of dice outcome.

The Table

Depending on the version of the game, you will interact with a virtual (craps online or craps app) or real (Live Dealer craps) table. It features a betting layout on which players can place their bets. According to the basic craps rules, one of the players take the role of a shooter to roll dice. Usually, the new player acts as a shooter at the end of the round – although the shooter may not change for several rounds. Playing online craps, technically you are a shooter in every game round.

It’s interesting that Street Craps is a version of the popular dice game played without a table.

Rules – Craps Essentials

The ‘come out roll’ is where each game round starts from. Some casinos offer just two types of bets for this roll – “Pass Line” or “Don’t Pass”. The “crapping out” event corresponds to 2, 3 or 12 of the ‘come-out roll’. If this happens, players win the “Don’t Pass” bets and lose the “Pass Line” bets, respectively, and the round is over. The round also ends immediately at ‘come-out roll’ of 7 or 11.

If any other value is rolled, this number becomes ‘point’. Further, the shooter continues to roll the dice until ‘point’ or 7 appears. According to the craps rules, whether the winner or loser is a player – it all depends on the type of bet.

Craps Rules – Basic Strategy

By choosing a good casino craps you can make dice rolls and win real money. However, we recommend that you focus on the basic strategy of the game, which is to learn all craps rules and use them effectively. Since Pass Line/Don’t Pass Line/Come/Don’t Come are bets giving a minimal advantage to casino (1.4%), they will be your best choice if you are new to craps.

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