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Craps strategy, best approach of using the best possible scenarios

Craps strategy essential information

When playing craps, it is important to be aware that strategy is based on pure chances, so it is all about taking chances and calculating probability of certain combination of dice to appear.

Despite the fact that strategy craps is all about taking chances, players have a choice of several wagers. Consequentially, the majority of such wagers are heavily based on combination of dice that are going to be rolled. The strategy is also going to be based on what options a player is going to use. There are 22 options that are available, so a person must make up their mind what it is all up to in the first place.

Possible strategies for craps game

Craps is one of the few casino dice games where its approach is based on probability and the odds ratio. In the first place an individual has to decide what exactly is needed and for how long the playing session is going to last. Hence, the following will have to be considered:

  • What bankroll is a player prepared to devote to the playing session.
  • Set the goal and targets of strategy craps game.
  • Decide whether a player is going to use short term strategies.
  • Make up the mind of whether it is all about lengthy playing session with the view to large profits.
  • Consider whether it is worth of going to the dark side and use strategy to bet against the shooter.
  • Strategy of win-together with the shooter is the most common among majority of players.

Due to the fact that there are lots of options available, it is vital to know what options are the best but indeed the above mentioned approaches for the foundation of employed strategies will have to be used at all times.

Best options that can be executed

Knowing what options can be used is absolutely crucial. Craps strategy is all about probability and odds ratio that may take place when it comes to shooting dice. When a player knows the best odds, it will be easier to decide what option to stick to and what to expect from possible scenarios.

The best way is to employ Labouchere strategy when a sequence of different combinations is passed by and the probability of the others will be much higher to appear. However, the following odds ratio will also have to be used:

  • Pass line bet is a perfect way to start with because of its low house edge of 1.41%.
  • Pass plus odds reduces house edge further to 0.8% with single odds.
  • 2x odds will reduce it to 0.6%.
  • 3x, 4x will inevitably reduce house edge advantage to 0.4%.
  • 5x leads to house edge advantage of 0.3%.
  • The odds of 0.2 will be offered with 10x.
  • Come play odds is also considered to be at 1.41%.

Do not pass the line always has better odds and it can be presented as follows:

  • Don’t pass the line has the odds of 1.38.
  • Single odds with don’t pass the line will be reduced to 0.7%.
  • 5% with 2x on don’t pass the line.
  • 3% with 3x and 4x.
  • 2% with 5x.
  • 1% with 10x.

Craps strategy is depended on the level of the skills of a player taking into account that a person knows how to play craps. Beginners will most likely use simple strategies hence the above stated options are regarded as the easiest and the best.

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