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How to play dice, its history and how dice games can be played

How to play dice games general information

There are lots of dice games that can be found online. All of them have different rules and their objectives are roughly the same, as they are built around making a bet or prediction of numbers that will appear on the dice.

Determining how to play dice games and succeed is not complex because majority is based on probability theory and taking chance, so knowing how to pay craps is important. Different strategies can be used that are primarily depended on the order and sequences of already appeared numbers and the odds, so that risk bets are justifiable. The following dice should be tried by any person:

  • Bar Dice;
  • Bunco;
  • Balut;
  • Yahtzee;
  • Liar’s Dice;
  • Shut the Box;
  • DAGZ.

However, not every game can be found at land-based casinos and online casinos. Such games are more popular and ideal for gambling. They went through a process of evolution and has been welcomed by the public in many countries:

  • Sic Bo;
  • Craps and its varieties;
  • Banca Francesca;
  • Die Rich;
  • Ricochet;
  • Big Six;
  • Hazard;
  • Bitcoin Dice.

How to win and play the games can be easily found in manuals, which are usually enclosed at casinos’ websites or online gambling resources themselves.

History of dice games

A dice with six numbers has been used for a very long time and it is assumed that it has existed before recorded history of civilization. How to play dice is not very difficult, so unlike card game 500 rules, the basic games appeared thousands of years ago. Games already existed in ancient Egypt and in early civilizations of today’s Latin America. Artifacts suggest that dice already had the same shape and the same numbers on them at the time. There were twenty-sided dice too.

The first dice game first occurred in China and even card games originated from dice games in this country. This is why a game like Sic Bo is still popular and played at casinos worldwide.

How to play the most popular dice games?

The most popular dice games are of course craps and Sic Bo. The rules of the games are different but principles that are put into winning strategy are the same. Taking chances and calculating odds on the basis of probability are the best ways of playing dice games and win. Table layouts represent the fields where bets can be made; rewards are based on concrete payout that is initially meant by making bet on that field. Here is how it can be played and won:

  • Take into account and write the numbers that appeared prior to the bet.
  • Determine the sequence in which it occurred.
  • Make the bet either against the sequence or in line with the sequence.
  • Use Labouchere strategy wisely.
  • Use doubling the stake technique in case if loss takes place.
  • Be aware when to stop.
  • Play with money that can be afforded to be lost.
  • Consider the budget for each stake carefully.
  • Stakes should start with 1%-3% of the whole amount that a player may put at risk.
  • Remember that this is all about risk and reward.
  • Manage risk well.
  • Use applications to calculate probability.

How to play dice is usually associated with craps casino and this is probably the most popular dice games of all, so knowing its rules is crucial.

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